THE JUDE in Silver and Black


At HALF UNITED we’ve made a bold proclamation of our stance against hunger by designing the “Fighting Hunger” necklace. Each necklace incorporates three recycled bullet casing- representing your fight against hunger and putting your stance on display in a major way.

This product provides 7 meals for children in need!

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  • Made with 3 hand-polished, recycled bullet casings
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic paint
  • brass ball chain
  • standard ball chain clasp closure
  • Dimensions: 32″L
  • Hand made in Wilmington, NC USA

Conversation Starters

Every time you purchase a Fighting Hunger necklace you keep 3 bullet casings off the streets. You also prevent them from being re-filled and turned back into actual bullets!

By using bullet casings in our designs we turn what is often seen as a negative (a bullet which can harm lives) into a positive (this is now a symbol in the fight against hunger- something that saves lives world wide)!

We only use recycled bullet casings from target ranges- This way we prevent the casings from being gathered, sold, and re-filled to once again become live bullets.

What could have harmed a precious life, is now being used to save it!


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